Corporate Transformation

Address disruptive changes effectively

Social, political, economic, environmental and technological trends and disruptive upheavals have profound effects on markets, customer behavior, business models and production conditions. Change is the "new normal" for many companies.

Examples of such upheavals include:

  • Climate change and sustainability
  • Digitalization and new technologies
  • New value-added and business models
  • Blurring industry boundaries and new competitors
  • Rising employee expectations and new work

The strategic, structural, and cultural adaptability of your company and your employees is the decisive factor in securing your own financial prosperity and competitiveness today and in the future. This requires a holistic view of the company and a plan for fundamental renewal. We call this Corporate Transformation.

Strategic imperatives of transformation

Transform today to succeed tomorrow

In times of disruptive changes in the market, competitive and production environment, Corporate Transformation is becoming the supreme discipline of CXOs. Instead of individual efforts with selective projects or programs, the forward-looking, holistic restructuring of your company takes place. Corporate Transformation goes far beyond the incremental change of individual areas and prepares your company for future challenges – even if there seems to be no need yet from a results-oriented perspective. We know from our consulting practice: For such dynamic, cross-functional and cross-departmental transformations of companies, three strategic imperatives should guide the CXO’s actions: Shape current business, Create future business, Empower the business.

Learn more in our video "Corporate Transformation - CEO Insights", in which Mark Garrett (Chairman of the Supervisory Board of OMV AG), Stefan Bisterfeld (CEO of COMECO GmbH & Co. KG), Dr. Harald Marquardt (CEO of the Marquardt Group) and Dr. Niels Pörksen (CEO of Südzucker AG), give us insights into the transformations of their companies.

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Shape current business! Today’s business influences the (financial) scope of your future business. By fundamentally optimizing and restructuring your current business and your organization, you secure its future viability. Being aware of the need for transformation, even with current successes, is a prerequisite for your continued success.

Create future business! The general conditions and success factors of the markets are changing profoundly and new markets are emerging. Ecosystems and platforms are becoming increasingly important. That's why you should fundamentally question and revise your business model. Such considerations regarding future business must already be taken into account when converting the "status quo" to be able to shape the transformation in a sustainable way.

Empower the business! Optimizing today’s business model and developing future business – both can only be achieved with the right empowerment of structures, processes, (digital) technologies, employees, skills and new forms of collaboration. Here, too, it is important to think about the future today, because it is with this empowerment that great efforts, investments and time requirements are often associated.

To ensure a successful transformation in the long term, we work with you to look at all three imperatives and design a transformation journey that suits your company.

Success factors

"Reason why" and "transformative idea" are key

In our consulting practice, these factors have emerged as critical to success:

Our expertise

We ensure sustainable transformation success

The way we design and implement transformation processes sets us apart. With a deep understanding of the industry and a high level of strategic and functional expertise, we develop tailor-made future solutions for our customers. We implement these in trusting cooperation from the C level to the employee level with a distinct hands-on mentality and focus on performance - and consequently ensure sustainable transformation success.

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