Sustainability & Green

Decarbonize business models successfully

National and international climate protection targets such as the Paris Climate Agreement are leading to profound changes in the economy and society, as can be seen by the current transformations the energy, heating, and transportation industry. In the context of the European Green Deal, decoupling economic growth from resource use and the achievement of a circular economy are the key factors for achieving climate neutrality in the EU by 2050. This “green transformation” offers both challenge and opportunity for many companies in a wide range of industries. Our experienced consultants will support you in decarbonizing your value chain and becoming carbon-neutral.

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Green business models & strategies

Set up business models for the future

Sustainability and circular economy are becoming increasingly relevant for companies – and not just in terms of reporting. Companies that successfully integrate sustainability into their strategy are more resilient, more credible and more successful in the long term. We use decarbonization roadmaps to demonstrate the technological options available and show how you can prioritize them. We analyze your business model and consider matters such as decarbonization and circularity to reveal potential benefits and costs. This enables you to use target structures as a basis for decision-making and to make investments within the framework of the defined strategy.

Sustainability management & steering

Sustainable and successful businesses require sustainable finance

Stakeholders expect companies to take responsibility for the social and environmental consequences of their business activities and to communicate them transparently. Reporting standards such as the EU Taxonomy and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will significantly affect the reporting of your company. To review the progress and make adjustments, you need to bring together individual targets and actions in an integrated management approach. Together with you, we will introduce state-of-the-art reporting and holistically anchor the topic of sustainability in your organization.

Sustainable & green value creation

Our solutions pave your way to sustainability

Our experts are familiar with the operational challenges of long-term value creation and can provide you with proven and customized solutions. In this process, you will benefit from our interdisciplinary team that thinks beyond individual industries to create ecosystems: From procurement, to production, to sales. Location-related factors often play a central role here. A project with a refinery, for example, has shown that this business is already able to economically make use of hydrogen by means of collaboration with a nearby cement factory.

The joint venture evety

Connecting hydrogen expertise wisely

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Sustainability in the context of the European elections

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Together with our partners OGE and TÜV SÜD, we established the joint venture, evety, with the objective of creating and implementing solutions for the integration of hydrogen technologies in industry, logistics, mobility, and energy supply. The overarching goal of evety is to unlock the potential of hydrogen for the economy, accelerate the adoption of green energy, and facilitate decarbonization across various sectors. With a wide-ranging portfolio, evety offers your company a holistic approach, enabling successful implementation of your hydrogen project.

  • Develop technically and economically feasible hydrogen concepts
  • Support project development and implementation 
  • Create new ecosystems through cross-industry interconnection


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