Skills management

Develop skills systematically to meet future needs

In light of a persisting shortage of skilled workers, changing working circumstances, and the steadily growing demands of employees and managers, effective skills management is becoming ever more crucial to the success of a company – because it enables you to plan and manage your personnel development measures with far more emphasis on your needs. Simultaneously, it also benefits your company-wide talent management program. Precise requirements profiles professionalize recruitment and facilitate targeted development of talent. Our consultants will support you in successfully implementing effective skills management in your organization.

Strategic approach

Systematically develop skills for the future

Numerous studies show that the biggest challenge for companies is to identify and evaluate the relevant skills of their employees in relation to future demands. This is where our strategic skills management approach comes in. Together we will find out

  • what skills your employees will need in future,
  • which job profiles are relevant in the working circumstances of tomorrow, and
  • how to take the right development measures to upskill your workforce.

Skills model

Systematically analyze the current situation and future demands

Working together with you, our consultants will develop a future-proof skills model as the basis for a systematic analysis:

  • Relevant (future) skills shape the target structure of the role-specific skills model.
  • Systematic skills management captures the current situation and future demands.
  • Skills analyses identify your organization’s skilled worker requirements and target-group-specific training requirements.