Organization and governance

Integrate sustainability into the organization effectively

The topic of sustainability is moving to the top of the agenda for many companies. This represents a comprehensive task that cannot be accomplished by individual employees, but requires cross-functional cooperation. It is also important to have a central governance structure which manages the implementation of sustainability aspects transparently and effectively. A range of factors influence the ESG organization within your company including, for example, the size of the company, the organization’s maturity, and the extent of your company’s centralization. Working together with you, we will develop a tailor-made approach and help you to successfully implement it.

Sustainability organization maturity model

Transparently ascertain the status quo

The maturity model is a proven concept for representing the development status of a sustainability organization. Maturity levels vary, for example due to the size of the organization or the degree of focus on sustainability. Companies in advanced stages often have a decentralized sustainability organization, with well-established and transparent guidelines and management principles. This enables them to shift responsibility to the business units, thereby effectively implementing the sustainability strategy. However, companies in earlier stages of sustainability management often need a more central structure and management before they can shift responsibility to the business units. Our experts will work together with you to determine your organization’s level of maturity and help you to further develop your operation.

Sustainability operating model

Introduce structures and processes successfully

Our proven sustainability operating model enables you to ensure that sustainability is anchored in your organization in the long term. To achieve this, integration of a sustainability organization takes place at different levels. Our experienced consultants will support you – from design to the anchoring of the sustainability operating model. We take the following aspects into account:

  • Creating an organizational form for sustainability in the long term
  • Including the maturity of ESG within the organization
  • Defining clear roles, responsibilities and tasks
  • Ensuring interaction with other areas of the company
  • Introducing committee structures and decision-making processes
  • Defining data sovereignty over ESG data
  • Eliminating redundancies and increasing efficiency and consistency

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