BI architecture and digital platform

Effectively develop company management further

Effective corporate management is characterized by overarching end-to-end processes and interdisciplinary teams that want to deploy state-of-the-art technologies and methods. The basis for this is an integral BI architecture which breaks up (data) silos in companies. Our consultants will support you in consistently developing this into a digital platform.

Architecture in transition

Establish an integrated architecture

Together with you, our experts will define future-proof BI architecture, thereby facilitating the delivery of standardized and efficient management-relevant information. Ad hoc analyses and predictive and descriptive analytics on the basis of structured and unstructured data will be supported by this architecture, too. We will identify requirements for change in governance, processes and organization.

Reference architectures

Set a digital platform as the future standard

For many companies, ideas such as single point of truth, layer model, data lake, RPA and advanced analytics are still uncharted territory. Our teams of experts will support you in modernizing the classic components of your BI architecture using our reference architectures and aligning them according to best practices. We will also work with you to set standards in the area of digital platforms and define future best practices.