Oil & Gas

Successfully countering volatile markets

The oil and gas industry has faced many challenges in recent years, including highly volatile price developments, alternating cycles of oversupply and insufficient supply, inventory fluctuations, geopolitical turbulence and sanctions, the shale gas boom and an extremely unstable supply-demand balance. The list of challenges overcome is long, yet the industry is already facing another age of transformational shifts. The industry is starting a new age that will bring change to your business.

Future energy landscape

Master changes in global energy systems

Factors with local and global dimensions shape the future energy landscape. They affect the way we supply our cities, operate our transport vehicles, and power our industries. Electrification is advancing at a rapid pace, alternative energy sources are in high demand, the share of renewable energy production is increasing - and is often a competitive substitute for fossil fuels. The oil and gas industry continues to be heavily dependent on a number of major drivers and their respective market developments. These include China's growing gas demand, the global demand for chemicals, recycling rates, transportation development and technology efficiency. Our industry experience and network of experts help you to successfully address these challenges in the oil and gas industry.

Global industry perspective

Effective development of corporate and business sector-specific strategy

Our experts serve the world's leading companies in the oil and gas industry as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our industry perspective is global. We keep our eye on current trends, challenges and opportunities for you and take into account regional circumstances. Our advice is holistic:

  • Develop and implement a company-specific and business sector-specific strategy
  • Promote innovation and effectively use Digital & Advanced Analytics
  • Redesign the business model and support organizational transformation
  • Master Post-Merger Integration and Capital Expenditure (CapEx)
  • Successfully introduce Performance Management and the many elements of Operational Excellence

We combine our expertise with our industry-specific knowledge in the areas of

  • Upstream (exploration, development and production of oil and/or natural gas)
  • Midstream/Downstream (collection, processing/refining, transport, storage, application, retail)
  • Service and Supply
  • Oil trade
  • Industrial estate operation

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