Transparency in the CFO Division

Making the most of digital trends and opportunities

In a rapidly changing world, it is difficult to master complexity and keep a close eye on the potential opportunities of digitalization. Our experts will show you the latest trends and challenges in the financial sector. We can help you put effective measures on your agenda to help you develop your finance division. We will make an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your CFO division and in comparison to other companies.

CFO panel

Learning from a strong network

The Horváth CFO panel is the largest benchmarking forum for CFOs in the German-speaking world. It is a trend radar and exchange platform where members discuss the latest CFO issues and share best practices across the network. You will have the opportunity to participate in practical network meetings and benefit from the experience of other CFOs or the direct comparison of performance data using benchmarking.


Processing external impulses individually and effectively

With us, you can rely on a holistic approach and start by taking stock of your own organization. Our consultants

  • analyze the (digital) maturity of your processes and organizational structures,
  • survey the satisfaction and expectations of your internal stakeholders, and
  • demonstrate proven possibilities for further development.

You will receive valuable professional insights, empirical values and direct trend evaluations. You can use findings from the comparison with other companies and external insights to review your individual situation and use the newly acquired knowledge for your challenges in a targeted manner.