The tax department of the future

Redesigning organizations and processes

Complex issues, efficiency pressure, shortened closing processes and growing increasing compliance requirements have been the biggest challenges for the corporate tax department in recent years. Meanwhile, automation and digitalization have also entered the tax department and are profoundly changing it. The digitalization of the tax authorities acts as a catalyst in this respect. We support you in redesigning your organization, processes, IT systems and culture.

Digital Tax

Effectively automate and digitalize processes

In order to be able to successfully meet current and future challenges, we support you in the following topics:

  • Design efficient processes and lean organizations
  • Promote willingness to change
  • Use process-supporting and integrated IT systems 

Our experts provide you with broad support in all matters relating to digitalization and the transition to the digital future.

SAP-based tax solution “teo”

Establish integrated software for income tax requirements

For more than 15 years, our experienced consultants have been designing tax processes and organizations in collaboration with our clients. We accompany you competently - from the definition of the target process model and the design of the organizational concept to the agile implementation of IT systems.

With our SAP-based tax solution “teo” we offer you integrated software for all requirements regarding income taxes. teo is oriented towards the complete end-to-end digitalization of income tax processes. This enables you to reduce manual activities while increasing data quality, speed and compliance security. Build in a modular structure, “teo” is the proven and comprehensive control software for

  • Tax calculation and reporting
  • Tax declaration and E-Balance 
  • Digital audit and risk management
  • Digital communication with financial authorities
  • BEPS