Sustainability in procurement and the supply chain

Effectively anchor sustainability within the company

In the context of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and increasing requirements for enhanced transparency in terms of carbon emissions, the topic of sustainability continues to gain in importance. Sustainable supplier development and decarbonization of products are particularly crucial success factors in respect of critical suppliers and raw materials - which have a high proportion of added value in the value chain. Our experts will support you in successfully setting up your entire supply chain and procurement organization for a sustainable future.

Sustainable procurement

Start the “Sustainability Journey” in procurement

The path to a sustainable procurement function involves several steps. Together with your procurement team, we will carry out a sustainability maturity assessment. We will determine the current status quo and use this as a basis to derive your future target picture. Specific sustainability measures and a structured implementation schedule will form the basis for your procurement function’s sustainability journey and ensure that you can achieve your targets. When transforming towards a sustainable procurement function, we consider all elements of the procurement operating model: From defining a sustainable procurement strategy to introducing sustainability KPIs & reporting structures within your function.

Sustainable supply chain

Involve suppliers in decarbonization

In a joint assessment, our experts will identify action areas and risks in your supply chain, taking into account existing standards and laws as well as industry- and company-specific requirements. Working together, we will develop countermeasures for your suppliers which span over all ESG dimensions. In addition to the qualitative evaluation and qualification of suppliers, a carbon calculation for the relevant purchasing materials in accordance with known standards (GHG, ISO 14064) or, for suppliers, a carbon balance, creates the foundation for selecting suitable optimization measures. This applies to various areas including energy management, as well as technology and process changes.


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