Sustainability in product development

Design sustainable products

Increasing regulation, changing customer preferences and pressure from politics and investors: Companies face multiple challenges in the context of the sustainability transition. This is one reason why many companies are focusing their strategic agenda on building sustainable product portfolios. Our experts will support you in successfully implementing methods and processes for sustainable product design and development. We will systematically identify opportunities for you to effectively reduce resource consumption over the entire life cycle of your products.

Sustainable product portfolios

Gain enduring competitive advantages

Lower resource consumption, reduced offsetting costs and distinct differentiation from the competition: Sustainability offers enormous potential for your economic success. To ensure your product portfolio is also successfully aligned with sustainability criteria, our consultants will support you in examining the following questions:

  • What are relevant sustainability related requirements from the customer’s perspective, and what legal regulations must be taken into account?
  • Which products and services are relevant for the future product portfolio and how can circular economy concepts be incorporated?   
  • What sustainability goals should the product portfolio meet, and how can these be measured and managed?y

Design for sustainability

Realize sustainability in early development phases

Design decisions determine up to 80 percent of manufacturing costs, but also most of a product’s ecological footprint. Material selection and production processes as well as reprocessing and recycling possibilities are examples of factors that influence products’ environmental impact. Thus, the foundation for new marketing models focusing on circularity is  laid int early design stages. Our experts will show you how you can effectively implement sustainability-oriented product design by means of the following questions:  

  • How can products and services be developed taking sustainability requirements and circularity into account?
  • How does the product architecture need to be designed to enable sustainability in all lifecycle phases, e.g. through second-life or remanufacturing approaches?
  • How does the innovation and development process need to be designed to anchor sustainable design of products in the company?