10 MUST HAVES for highly effective CFOs

Transforming the CFO function

A dynamic business environment and changing regulatory requirements force the CFO into a tight spot. To address those requirements, you have to transform towards a best-in-class CFO function. Our 10 MUST HAVES for highly effective CFOs enable you to run a high performance finance organization and to shape the corporate future.


Running a high performance finance organization

To maximize their effectiveness, CFOs must set up and run their organization in a high performing manner to meet current and future challenges. The following levers are critical to success.

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CFOs set clear priorities in the transformation to a data-driven company.

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Safeguarding and shaping the corporate future

CFOs are much more than the “financial conscience" of the corporation; they play a critical role in shaping the corporate future. CFOs can proactively drive the further development of their corporation in five key areas: 

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