The Horváth ecosystem

Our ecosystem combines individual expertise to provide the best solution for our customers

We ensure the best individual solution for our customers not only through our more than 1,400 specialized consultants worldwide. With a strong strategic network of first-class partner companies and senior experts, we offer companies and organizations the best solution and implementation from analysis to AI tool, from benchmark to BI solution, from strategy to software across functions, industries and countries.

The Horváth ecosystem is characterized by trusting cooperation with the highest quality of results. Partner companies and experts are selected independently and with the best specific solution for the customer in mind. We put together the best international team of Horváth experts and independent senior experts for each project. We also select the best data-driven or technical implementation from a pool of excellent and proven technology, software and data providers. The ecosystem remains open and flexible. If new skills are required, it is expanded in a targeted manner and in accordance with our high standards.


The Horváth ecosystem is made up of:

  • Industry Experts and Interim Management: If necessary, we supplement our project teams with experts who have years of experience in specific sectors as well as expertise in specific business models. We also include interim management, which takes over management tasks for a certain period of time.
  • Change Management and Training: In addition to our own change expertise, we rely on other professionals who support change in organizations and help them to succeed, e.g., through coaching, moderation, and training.
  • Tools and Software: Many of our projects involve the introduction and further development of tools and software products. In order to gain exclusive access to information and provide our customers with the best possible advice, we are in close contact with many software providers.
  • Solution and Functional Experts: These experts particularly specialize in certain solutions and functional areas, such as legal experts.
  • IT and Technology: In the age of digitalization, many solutions also include a wide variety of technology. This is why we have been working for many years with various implementation partners and technology companies that have a high level of solution expertise for specific tools.
  • Data and Analysis: The right data basis is crucial for the success of a project. We therefore work with specialized analysis companies that can provide us with specific benchmarks, market analyses and other information. This allows us to draw on additional sources alongside our own benchmarks and research results.