Sales & operations planning (S&OP)

Synchronizing planning processes optimally

Organizing, managing, and integrating functional planning processes consistently presents companies from all industries with many challenges. Planning accuracy, capacity restrictions, or internal coordination processes are duties that must be considered. We help you to manage these individual processes and to integrate them across your organization. And in seizing the opportunity to effectively transform your internal operative processes into clear competitive advantages.

Modern S&OP

Aligning needs and capacities with one another optimally

With our sales & operations planning (S&OP) approach, you are able to perfectly link sales planning with operative production planning. This approach enables you to deploy available resources in the best possible way and to head off capacity shortages proactively. With S&OP you can also keep an eye on your customers: The newly established transparency over demand and the increased planning accuracy effectively improves your service level.

Company-specific S&OP

Developing operational excellence effectively

When we develop a company-specific S&OP plan for you, our consultants follow a three-level approach:

  1. We design an S&OP vision adapted to your needs which includes the involvement of all participating departments.
  2. Together we develop a procedural and organizational vision for your company.
  3. We quickly and pragmatically manage the cross-functional coordination and subsequent development through the use of appropriate tools & systems.

Our experience from a number of successful projects shows that there are several critical success factors that should be considered when implementing S&OP:

  • Designing the plan according to a specific business model 
  • Establishing the necessary commitment of all associated departments
  • Improving daily business and earnings quickly and visibly