Supply chain controlling

End-to-end management of the supply chain

The dynamics of markets, quantities, products and processes are growing. At the same time, customer expectations and differentiations between service levels are increasing. Your company is presented with the challenge of developing an effective supply chain controlling and performance management system. With this, you will be in a position to establish transparency and maneuverability through the use of a consistent performance indicator model. Your organization will be able to take on problematic developments early and manage them dynamically. This enables you to always keep focuses on your goals. We are happy to guide you on this journey.

Supply chain performance management

Managing for success

Together with your team, we develop a consistent management approach in order to depict your supply chain as close to reality as possible. Using performance indicator systems, leading indicators, and control processes, you will be able to implement the strategic goals of your supply chain organization effectively. We support all of these ideas with the use of proven best practice approaches from our extensive project experience.

Customer-specific management approach

Identifying and achieving supply chain goals

Our consultants follow a strict approach when developing a plan for your supply chain controlling and performance management:

  1. We identify and prioritize control requirements and goals.
  2. We design a performance indicator system based on prioritized performance indicators, leading indicators and essential dependencies.
  3. We specify transparent responsibilities, goals and measures.

We have identified critical factors for success in development and implementation for you from numerous successful projects:

  • Orienting clearly on the business model and controlling goals
  • Focusing on additional value for the organization
  • Validating performance indicators with regard to definition, data source and explanatory power