Understand sustainability aspects as strategic success factors

Sustainability has become one of the most important topics in strategic management over recent years. Up until a few years ago, sustainability aspects were often understood as corporate philanthropy – while now they are the focus of strategic concepts and business models. Changed stakeholder behavior is, to no small extent, somewhat behind this rethink. Rising pressures in this respect include expanding reporting obligations, a growing customer expectation of responsible action, and socially conscious employees who demand an authentic commitment to sustainability from their own company. The commercial insight we have gained from our experience tells us that companies’ first focus regarding sustainability should be on customers, suppliers, investors or technologies, rather than the pure fulfillment of regulatory requirements. Our experienced consultants will show you how to ensure sustainability goals are operationalized, pragmatically measurable, supported by the right systems and processes, and embedded in decision-making processes. Together we will tackle these future-relevant challenges comprehensively and practically, to ensure your success.

ESG strategy

Successfully develop the transformation path

The starting point for your sustainability strategy is the question of your ambition. As part of a materiality analysis, we will clarify your stakeholders’ expectations and identify sustainability topics that are highly relevant for your company. We will then support you in defining a targeted strategy. This will be aligned with the established categories of environment, social and governance – ESG for short. Working together, we will define an individual transformation path that outlines impacts on the central aspects of your organization and processes, as well as on the IT systems used. In doing so, we always keep an eye on changing regulatory requirements and make the costs and benefits of your sustainability efforts transparent right from the start.

Performance management

Effectively integrate sustainability management

We are convinced that ESG aspects will become an integral part of every performance management system in the medium term. That’s why our holistic approach ensures that sustainability management is effectively and efficiently incorporated into your corporate performance management – in line with your fundamental strategic considerations, of course. In implementing this, we will eliminate silo reporting and integrate ESG indicators into your performance management. To really ensure that the sustainability transformation becomes a contributor to success, we establish practical and tailor-made sustainability management. These questions are key:

  • Which indicators need to be defined to measure sustainability performance and make it transparent for performance management? How do you ensure that external requirements are also considered?
  • How must central processes such as planning, reporting and forecasting be adapted in order to meaningfully and efficiently integrate sustainability aspects?
  • What roles and organizational structures need to be established to handle the new tasks successfully?
  • What measures are necessary to anchor genuine sustainability awareness within the Finance area and enable employees to perform their new duties? How do existing incentive systems need to be adapted?
  • Are the tools and systems currently in use capable of mapping and measuring sustainability aspects?

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