Interactive Digital Sales

Combines the best into one: success in consulting - satisfaction on the customer side

The pandemic has accelerated digitalization in sales and customer advice: Many companies have invested in their digital customer interface and introduced CRM systems, online self-service routes or chatbots. However, the lack of personalized advice means that digital solutions are less effective than traditional channels when it comes to closing, especially for offerings that require explanation. Our consultants will show you how to optimally combine existing and new digital solutions and personal advice. With Interactive Digital Sales (IDS), you can achieve more satisfied customers, more efficient processes and significant sales increases.

Higher closing rates and delighted customers

Effectively develop digital market cultivation

By refining your digital market cultivation using Interactive Digital Sales (IDS), you can leverage the following potentials:

  • Increase efficiency with process costs reduced by up to 35%: IDS makes processes leaner, more consistent and faster. All relevant information is exchanged, interested parties are comprehensively advised, and transactions are legally concluded during initial contact – without incurring any costs for sending documents or for travel. Further processing also takes place digitally.
  • Increase closing rates by up to 175%: Better personal advice combined with user-friendly and end-to-end processes leads to more closed deals. These are acquired in a way that is legally compliant and conforms to data protection requirements.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by up to 30%: Direct personal consultation – regardless of location, time and the device used – inspires long-term enthusiasm in customers. Companies that offer interactive and digital advice in sales or customer service achieve up to 30% higher ratings in the Net Promoter Score.

Digital customer interface

Closing the digitalization gap between the CRM system and your customers

CRM systems, self-service routes, webshops, data-driven customer segmentation, micro-targeting, chatbots, countless digital touchpoints: Many companies have already taken major steps forward in digitalization.

The results of these measures are often somewhat ambivalent. Though customers respond well to the opportunity to find out information independently, a relatively small proportion of this interest is then closed on a fully digital basis. With IDS, we combine the quality of advice in personal contact and the closing strength of traditional sales channels with the omnipresence of digital sales. Our experts support you in digitalizing personal interaction, and supplementing digital offerings with that personal interaction. This closes the digitalization gap between the CRM system and your customers, and enables customer analytics in personal customer interaction.

High-performance software

Supporting employees in customer interaction

IDS is based on high-performance software such as Live Contract from SYNCPILOT. These technical platforms enable much more than just video conferencing. Connection options to Salesforce, SAP products and other smart functions support employees in their interaction with customers:

  • Situational discussion notes and context-sensitive support in advising 
  • Comprehensive information from third-party systems on the interface
  • Real collaboration in documents
  • Smart visualization of customer behavior in conversation
  • Multilingual information to bridge language barriers
  • Legally binding signatures
  • With the help of technical solutions you can involve customers in processing and offer increased autonomy in comparison with traditional screen-sharing.
  • With the help of technical solutions you can involve customers in processing and offer increased autonomy in comparison with traditional screen-sharing.

Inspires employees

Digital transformation with enthusiasm

While software solutions can provide the foundation for change possibilities, the central challenge is in actively and purposefully shaping those possibilities. Our consultants will support you in introducing IDS in your company and in sustainably exploiting the considerable change potential in sales and customer advice:

  • Decrease costs by reducing and changing the use of regional sales
  • Establish highly qualified remote advice through the use of call centers
  • Optimize processes in call centers
  • Integrate online sales and personal advice

Thanks to IDS, these transformational developments lead to a high level of acceptance among most employees – who use the software solutions with enthusiasm and recognize the immediate added value for their work. Our iterative and four-step project procedure supports you by making gradual changes in your company and creating a high level of acceptance among employees:

  1. Scoping: Develop a company-specific vision and roadmap and clarify fundamental issues such as data protection and governance

  2. Pilot: Develop and implement conceptual content as well as process improvements, configure a software solution, and use it productively after a few weeks 

  3. Roll-out: Integrate pilot processes in the organization and ensure anchoring 

  4. Scaling: Iteratively expand functionalities and integrate them into the existing system landscape, as well as making organizational adjustments

Do you want to further develop your sales?

We would be happy to support you in establishing Interactive Digital Sales in your company. This will enable you to generate additional business in the short term while also ensuring strong long-term growth for your company. Please feel free to contact us and we will arrange a live demonstration.