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Life lessons for start-ups

In many respects, start-ups embody the future of our economy and are synonymous with entrepreneurship. At the same time these entities differ in terms of their structures, decision-making processes and above all their cultures, as well as the development status of various roles – including the financial function.

Traditional management approaches are rarely applicable here. Instead, start-ups must be steered and managed according to their degree of maturity, whereby it is necessary to continually address the balancing act between specialism and generalism. This results in questions that demand perfect-fit solutions.

The Horváth Start-up Community seeks practical and directly feasible answers to precisely these various questions. The focus here is on experience being exchanged between start-ups which are at different degrees of maturity.

What added value does this community offer for your start-up?

  • Eye-level exchange in an exclusive community
  • Main topics are questions of start-up management as well as finance in start-ups
  • We share tips from practice: What does work, what doesn't and in which growth phase?
  • Networking between founders, investors and executives from start-ups and grown-ups


Horváth Start-up Day

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