Digital Operations

Making digitalization tangible and achieving measurable success

Technical innovations offer huge potentials in production and across the entire supply chain, but many companies are not yet taking advantage of these opportunities. Our experts have developed a holistic & proven process model, which we can use to support you in identifying and making use of opportunities emerging from digitalization. We will help you to effectively maximize identified potential to succeed in terms of cost optimization, increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

Digital Operations Framework

Benefit from our methodological skills, strength in innovation and technological expertise

Using our project experience as the foundation, we have developed a modular solutions portfolio to support you in implementing digital transformation effectively within your company. Our experts have access to a comprehensive range of methods and tools to promote identified focus topics efficiently and in a target-oriented manner. In addition to assisting with content for digitalization topics and developing use cases for your company, we will also work on activating digitalization-related potentials along your end-to-end value chain. Successful implementation of digital transformation requires a holistic view:

  1. Joint design of strategy & target image for the digitalization of your operations..
  2. Derivation of relevant levers and identification of high-impact measures along the end-to-end value chain.
  3. Evaluation of the identified measures according to selected criteria (incl. business case scenarios) and on the basis of an impact analysis.
  4. Ensure acceptance in your organization through active support based on appropriate change measures. 
  5. Proof of Concept through the development of prototypes (e.g. a minimum viable product) and validation of their impact and outcomes.
  6. Development of implementation roadmaps in order to realize potentials.
  7. Complete implementation with our technical support and IT project management, to ensure a sustainable transformation which benefits the department.

Bringing digital solutions into use

Use of digital project accelerators

We offer a broad portfolio of digital project accelerators that we use in our consulting projects for faster and more resilient results.

Examples of our project accelerators include our tools and algorithms for:

  • Supply chain network optimization via Horvath’s Net-cost Model based on an
    AI-supported simulation solution with integrated data from Operations and Finance
  • Process mining for data-based process analysis and dashboard-based visualization
  • Predefined, proven correlation algorithms for data-driven identification of root-causes of process deviations

Software selection, licensing and technical implementation processes are not necessary as we provide the packages needed for project execution.

Realizing innovative customer solutions

We create innovative solution designs with specialist depth and ensure sustainable solution implementation, including anchoring in the organization.

Examples of our successfully implemented customer solutions include:

  • Consumer Goods Sales Analytics Dashboards incl. correlation analyses
  • Management of logistics processes and decisions based on advanced analytics algorithms
  • Quality improvement in production through machine learning and other mathematical processes
  • Scenario-based optimization of demand & supply planning using the Horváth NetCost Model, quantifying the EBIT effect