IT Strategy and Target Operating Model

Optimizing IT Strategy and IT Operating Model

Digitalization requires that complexity of IT and IT infrastructure needs to be reduced. Overall, IT must be structured in a more modular and flexible way, and costs must be controlled on a sustainable basis. For your company, this means that activities of corporate IT need to be aligned with business activities. This is how you overcome challenges successfully and remain competitive.

IT strategy

Linking IT with corporate strategy

With the right IT strategy, you can control the complexity of IT, even in the long term. Our experts support you in developing and implementing your IT strategy and in closely integrating it with your corporate strategy. This way, IT provides target-oriented support for your business activities – and you safeguard the success of your company.

Target Operating Model

Making IT flexible, controllable, scalable and cost-efficient

We help you to sharpen the mission and business model of IT as well as all control processes. Together we will establish a future-proof IT in your company that is capable of responding to changing market requirements with speed and flexibility. Our TOM approach enables you to apply the principles of corporate management to your IT operations. Individual IT elements are interlinked to make them particularly effective.

Sourcing strategy

Integrating sourcing into the IT operating model

Our experts work with you to define the sourcing strategy and to develop the optimal sourcing mix. We show you how to sustainably manage your providers by

  • supporting tenders, transition and transformation,
  • establishing effective control mechanisms,
  • developing and optimizing a retained organization, and
  • supporting the development of your employees.