Global business services

Optimize processes and reduce overheads

A dynamic market environment, as well as increasing pressure on costs and efficiency, are increasingly shaping the requirements for internal processes in support and administrative functions. Centralizing, harmonizing, and standardizing processes presents a huge challenge for your company. We will show you how to take full advantage of optimization potential.

Cost structure

Bundle decentralized services and establish transparency

We apply our proven approach and expertise to design and implement cross-functional Global Business Service (GBS) Organizations. We bundle, standardize, and set up services to allow for scalability and to achieve transparent and lean processes. These set the basis to significantly optimize your cost structures.

Standardization and automation

Recognize and realize potentials

Cost advantages and standardization are essential drivers for implementing GBS. You can achieve these in various ways, including through a realigned location strategy, or by realizing standardization and automation potential at best-cost locations. We also design a consistently process-oriented organization with clear roles and responsibilities. This ensures increased process transparency and stability, which is reflected in a high service quality.

Communication and change

Include and empower employees

The implementation of GBS will bring profound changes for your business. That is why transparent and appropriate communication is critical during this transformation, and why it is important to get early buy-in from your existing workforce and future GBS team. Together, we will successfully integrate the GBS organization into your structures – also at a cultural level.