Production networks

Successful achievement of demanding internal and external requirements

Technological change, new competitors, and volatile global markets – just a few of the major external changes that existing production networks encounter. Internal requirements for production are also challenging, requiring efficiency, dynamism, and innovation. Our experienced consultants proactively help you to efficiently develop your company’s production further, and in doing so to comply with new requirements.

Modern production

Comprehensively developing processes further

Our experts optimize production in your company by taking an integrated approach, from target development as part of the strategy process to optimization of the organizational and operational structure.

Our goal is to help you develop tailored solutions for your company, providing measurable results over the long term.

Service portfolio

Refocusing production strategically

Through collaboration with Horváth & Partners and CONSULT ING, we help your company to

  • focus production strategically with regard to the global footprint, technological change, and your vision;
  • launch your Industry 4.0 transformation;
  • introduce integrated production planning;
  • develop a specific production control system;
  • achieve operational excellence and resource efficiency;
  • optimize your organization and processes; and
  • implement an effective supplier and quality management system.