AI-based cross-selling and up-selling

Discover hidden customer-product relationships

Many companies have a large customer base and an extensive product portfolio, but they often do not have an overview of which unused sales potentials exist at the customer level, which would enable them to target each customer with individual product recommendations. Our AI experts at the Horváth Steering Lab support you in discovering and realizing unused cross-selling and up-selling potential. With our white spot analysis tool, your sales reps can make better decisions.

Explainable AI

Effectively identify unused revenue potential

Our proven tool uses explainable AI algorithms to uncover highly complex product-customer relationships. It identifies white spots – products that a customer needs but has not yet bought from you – and supports these product suggestions with comprehensive visualizations. For example, the tool enables your sales reps to compare a customer’s portfolio with an AI-based representative portfolio. It also uses innovative algorithms to determine customer product-specific sales targets. This allows your sales reps to quickly identify unused sales potential on a customer-specific level. Our tool also automatically identifies those accounts that promise the highest revenue potential. Your sales reps will know not only which product to offer to which customer, but also who to target first.

Horváth White spot analysis tool: Identifies white spots and supports product suggestions with comprehensive visualizations

White spot analysis

Smart use of data-driven sales

Our experienced experts help you uncover the sales potential in your company. For example, at a large manufacturer of electronic components, we found many white spots that would have gone undetected without our white spot analysis tool. Overall, we identified an unused sales potential of almost three percent of annual sales. This potential can be addressed directly at very short notice, and in principle without any further requirements needing to be met. Find out what our tool can do for you in an initial assessment or a deep dive.

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Together with Horváth, we developed and implemented a Sales Performance Management concept and data-driven sales-performance cockpit in SAP Analytics Cloud. With conceptual strength, a pragmatic approach, hands-on mentality, and operative BI support, we were able to create the first dashboard in SAC within a 4-week sprint.

Alexander Böck, Vice President Sales Management, Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG