Realizing potential to increase efficiency

Controlling has been a driver of organizations’ efficiency for a long time. Today it – and reporting in particular – is even a goal of performance improvements. More than 70 percent of all companies complain about the high costs of reporting. Increasing cost pressures, high market dynamism, or digital controls: Due to these developments, the effort has become even greater for you. The resulting measures for your company are clearly defined. Our experts will show you how to effectively realize potential to increase efficiency in reporting.

Measures to increase efficiency in reporting

Ensuring maximum efficiency

Your controllers are too involved in manual data preparation and report creation. On the other hand, the consultation of your management will come too short. The reverse allocation of resources should be the principle within your company.

Depending on the level of maturity, you could already achieve potential savings up to 60 percent with simple measures. You can sustainably increase your efficiency with our proven holistic approach. We evaluate your reporting systems in a structured manner and derive suitable measures from this. To do so, we apply four overarching levers:

  • Optimizing the reporting service portfolio (e.g. forgoing reports, adapting the frequency of reporting, standardization, online reporting)
  • Centralization and process optimization (e.g. center of excellence, end-to-end processes)
  • Classic IT automation (e.g. central data platform, automated interfaces, BI tools)
  • Digital automation solutions (e.g. robotic process automation, artificial intelligence)

The effective interplay of these levers leads to the greatest possible increases in efficiency and a sustainable performance increase in your CFO area.

Service portfolio

Increasing efficiency in a targeted and sustainable manner

Our consultants support you increasing your efficiency effectively – from the analysis of potential to long-term anchoring within your organization. We look forward to speak with you about:

  • The analysis of potential and benchmarking
  • Developing a vision for efficient reporting and defining measures
  • Implementing an efficiency plan
  • Anchoring change management and a lean reporting philosophy

We implement the right levers together with you: conceptually, procedurally, and technologically with our BI expertise. With guided change management, we guarantee you acceptance at all levels.