Data Science | Steering Lab

Delivering Quantum Leap Solutions

The Steering Lab was founded in 2015 with one clear focus in mind – to design and deliver Quantum Leap Solutions based on Big Data, Advanced Analytics und Machine Learning to businesses across all industries.

At the cutting edge

The Data Scientists of the Steering Lab research and develop cutting edge algorithm-based solutions testing the limits of predictive analytics, optimization and artificial intelligence. We also work together with Data Science units of our clients to develop intelligent products and services.

All of our solutions deliver a hard business case with unmatched return on data and exceptionally high ROI, thus enabling even large Digital Transformation programs to become fully self-funded within the first twelve months.

Leading the Digital Transformation

The Steering Lab is proud to be able to add impulse, spirit and momentum to our clients’ digital initiatives across all industries and functions Our success is rooted in our creativity and our systemic approach, our powerful solution frameworks, years of data science experience and our relentless focus on maximizing ROI for our clients with every solution we deploy.

We strive for constant thought, concept and solution leadership in the domain of Big Data and Machine Learning and we push our clients to do the same. Our state-of-the-art design and development frameworks such as AAURUM and our HPC infrastructure guarantee highest productivity and quality.

If you are looking for quantum leap solutions that push the boundaries of the state of the art in Predictive Analytics, Optimization Analytics or Artificial Intelligence, then we should get in touch. If you want to make your processes, products and services truly intelligent and unassailable by your competitors then we should team-up.