Pricing & Commercial Excellence

Getting pricing into shape for higher profitability and growth

Inflationary and highly volatile markets, new competitors, as well as big data and artificial intelligence in sales and pricing: More than ever, these and other current challenges demand highly professional price management from companies – from strategy and pricing analytics to fast price execution. Our experts support you to get your pricing into shape.

Degree of price management maturity

Effective implementation of five development stages in price management

Even today, many companies calculate prices based on simple cost calculations that, while they might generate minimum margins, are little fit to the firm’s overall market strategy nor do they exploit product or customer value. Consequently, the potential in price management is immense! In addition to conceptual improvements, data and tool-based advancements related to artificial intelligence are also drivers of profitability. Our experience shows that typically profits can usually be increased between two and five percentage points.

Horváth pricing excellence framework

Successfully refining price and margin management

Our pricing excellence framework is an integratedapproach that analyzes and further develops your pricing with regard to the following  aspects:

  • Price strategy: How are products and services positioned in the market? What are relevant market segments and what willingness to pay exists in these segments? How to build and run a  commercial organization?
  • Price setting: What are basic pricing guidelines and logic?
  • Price realization: How to best enforce our prices and achieve our goals by discounts and bonusespolicies? How to incentivize sales teams?
  • Price controlling: What are adequate KPIs for sustainable reporting?

To implement these concepts, our consultants support you with AI-powered methods or in setting up state-of-the-art reporting tools. On top, we help clients to find the right pricing and CPQ solution to set prices better and faster.


What is your Pricing maturity level?

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Pricing expertise

Develop pricing solutions for specific sectors and topics

Effective pricing is  key to improve top-line growth and bottom-line performance  – especially under the current inflationary and volatile conditions. Our interdisciplinary teams have not just deep methodological expertise but also bring strong industry knowledge and analytics experience. Jointly with our clients, , we design and implement valuable pricing strategies that bring immediate value and amortize within the first few months.

Horváth supported us in shaping our pricing concept, model and price points. For our innovative SaaS offering, Horváth additionally validated strategic price points based on a broad quantitative sample.

Rafael Abel, CEO Ventus Technologies GmbH

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