Global Presence

Be they international strategy alignments, cross-border supply chains or planning and reporting systems: Harmonized, international structures and processes have become an absolute must for companies operating abroad. They lay the foundations for success, especially in growth regions. Hence, countries like China offer enormous potential as sales and procurement markets. Both through our own offices and through those of our partners in the Cordence Worldwide Network, we have all the skills and expertise necessary for global deployment. For the entire spectrum of our consulting approach.

Wherever you see growth opportunities or potentials for optimization: We will be on-site and at your side to help you execute international projects. Abroad, our teams provide the same expertise and industry knowledge as they do at home – combined with our and/or your local experts, we ensure that our unique performance know-how and approach are perfectly tailored to meet the economic, legal and cultural conditions of the target country.

Due to our work with market leaders from all over the world and the lively exchange of knowledge among our international offices, our clients can experience the true promise of global best practices. As a result, we are commissioned by major corporations and internationally active mid-sized companies to supervise their projects abroad and to execute all the necessary steps from planning and concept design through to successful implementation. Annually, over 60 projects outside of our home territories complement our consulting and realization expertise in our domestic markets.

Isn’t it good that you can rely on Horváth when it comes to international challenges?