Control Approaches and KPIs

Refining reporting

Many companies find it challenging to select the “correct” key performance indicators (KPIs) against increasing complexity, the growing diversity of data, and market dynamics. Excellent reporting system is increasingly important for you. It provides your decision makers with relevant information. Our experts develop a transparent control approach with you. This approach enables you to select KPIs that are relevant to controlling.

Driver models

Focusing indicators on the business model and departments

We recommend holistic driver models when selecting the correct KPIs across all levels of your company. Using driver models for control purposes provides you with decisive advantages:

  • Identifying value drives that are critical to success
  • Integrating financial, operative, and external indicators in the correct proportions
  • Increasing transparency and revealing causal relationships (big data)
  • Focusing on the future with automated predictive models
  • Referring to measures and simulating scenarios

Our driver-based approach enables you to refine your reporting processes and avoid overcrowded reports and inconsistencies. In this way, your managers can make better decisions more quickly.

Service portfolio

Refining indicators and strengthening control impulses

With our experience and expertise, we set standards in the provision of information and supporting decision making. With our proven approaches, we increase the relevance to controlling of your reporting process and enable you establish a consistent and effective business management structure:

  • Creating company-specific control approaches
  • Identifying relevant value-drivers using automated algorithms (AI)
  • Standardizing KPIs and anchoring effective KPI governance
  • Visualizing information via innovative dashboards
  • Selecting and implementing suitable software solutions
  • Designing and anchoring effective and measure-based performance management processes