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Dear readers,

What do CxOs discuss in board meetings? According to our recent study, “people” topics now take up 40 percent of their time. It’s not just the sheer shortage of staff that has become a mega-challenge over the last few crisis-ridden years – employer branding, people development, upskilling, diversity, agile organizations, modern hierarchy models and strategy-compliant compensation systems are the buzzwords. In this context, the demands on managers at all levels are increasing. In addition, disruptive topics such as Generative AI and its impact on future job profiles, and dealing with the demands of Gen Z, need to be evaluated and addressed. 

So how can we overcome the stagnation when it comes to “people” topics and walk off the pitch as the winners over all these changes? 

Our exclusive study, for which we surveyed over 170 executives from the DACH region and the USA, looks at the areas where action is needed most and the priorities that should be set. 

In this issue of our "CxO News”, renowned top managers from manufacturing and service companies also give insights into how they are mastering the people transformation. Additionally, our Horváth experts offer strategic approaches and concrete recommendations on the most important fields of action, true to the motto “People first!”. 

I hope this issue will provide lots of exciting insights!  

Best wishes

Helmut Ahr
CEO Horváth

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