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Growing awareness of sustainability, electrification of powertrains and increasing digitalization in vehicles and associated ecosystems: Trends such as these are profoundly changing the entire automotive value chain. Which means suppliers, automotive manufacturers and mobility providers are confronted with the task of critically reviewing and realigning their business models – after all, that is the only way for them to remain competitive, resilient and profitable in the long term. The development of new technologies and postponement of profit pools also facilitate the arrival of new competitors from the IT and technology segment as well as new automotive manufacturers onto the market.

This volatile market environment reduces the predictability of events and further exacerbates the situation for companies in the industry. It is therefore crucial for your company that you make the right strategic decisions and efficiently implement them in your operational structures. Our experts have many years of industry and consulting experience. By taking a holistic view of the mobility value chain, we support you in the areas of corporate transformation, strategy and performance, the value chain, and markets and customers.

Automotive supplier

Be competitive and operate profitably

Powertrain electrification as well as the huge prominence of connectivity and digital offerings in vehicles are placing new technological demands on suppliers. This is evident in various ways, including in the form of margin pressure resulting from rising costs, increasing competition and new sustainability requirements. A volatile market environment with supply bottlenecks also heightens uncertainty in operational business and requires swift responses to keep your business competitive.

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Automotive manufacturer

Implement transformation measures efficiently

Automotive manufacturers are feeling industry transformation sweeping through all business areas. Increased environmental awareness and ever-more-rigorous emissions limits call for a strict sustainability strategy that spans all value creation stages. Digitalization, connectivity and the sharing economy are also significantly changing consumer behavior. As a result automotive manufacturers are increasingly focusing on new mobility solutions, while at the same time facing rising pressure from new competitors. This type of transformation process leads to significant changes in revenue sources and profit margins. We analyze these and derive measures to secure the long-term growth and profitability of your company.

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Benefit from digital transformation

Aftersales is also undergoing fundamental transformation in a way that impacts your business models. Powertrain electrification and improved vehicle quality mean there are fewer components in a vehicle; this has led to declining demand for traditional aftersales products. Altered mobility preferences such as shared mobility reinforce this trend. As the importance of digital offerings increases, technology groups and start-ups are trying to use innovative products to retain customers. It is essential to align your business with the new digital future and to build corresponding expertise. This is the only way to sustainably benefit from the digital transformation.

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