Organization, People & Change

Transforming companies sustainably

Globalization, digitalization and climate change as well as hyper-competitiveness, increased regulations and New Work: Disruptive transitions are creating an increasingly complex market environment. They are also resulting in new requirements for companies and their organizational structures. The strategic, structural and cultural adaptability of your company plays a decisive role here. Our consultants support the sustainable transformation of your company with in-depth industry understanding and technical expertise.

Corporate Transformation

Effectively counteract disruptive changes

Social, political, economic, environmental and technological trends and disruptive transitions have profound effects on markets, customer behavior, business models and production conditions. Transformation processes represent the “new normal” for many companies. The strategic, structural and cultural adaptability of your company and employees is the decisive factor in safeguarding financial prosperity and competitiveness, today and in the future. The necessary corporate transformation requires an integrated view of your company and a plan for how it can fundamentally evolve.

Organizational Change Management

Understand change and see it as an opportunity

Companies are being confronted with the challenges of organizational change. Implementing strategy programs, revising structures, and accelerating processes: We will show you how to make a real difference in attitude and behavior by means of persuasive communications concepts and measures, which will enable you to successfully and sustainably anchor all sorts of change in your organization. After all, you can only remain competitive when technical and social expertise work together.

Digital Adoption

Successfully shape digital transformation

Automation, artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies herald a new era in digital work. Disruptive business models are emerging, and customer behavior and expectations are changing too. The digital transformation of your company will succeed if you can sustainably anchor digital changes in your employees’ day-to-day work. Our experts support you in introducing new systems such as SAP S/4HANA, exploring future technologies, and establishing a digital culture with the help of change analytics.

New Work & Collaboration

Effectively increase employee empowerment

The desire for “New Work” is becoming more pressing for many companies, but many are still only giving it a passing thought. Our implementation of the New Work approach combines a range of measures, targeted at growing the empowerment your employees feel. After all, a new mindset and a new corporate culture can positively influence how relevance, self-determination, impact and competence are experienced in the workplace. And empowerment not only has positive outcomes for your staff, but also for the success of your company.

People Development & Training

Shape the workforce of the future

Disruption, digitalization and a shortage of skilled workers are dynamic developments that simultaneously pose major challenges and huge opportunities for companies. The human capital which the workforce represents is becoming a decisive success factor for the long-term viability of your company. Together, we will review whether your leadership team and the talents in your company are equipped for the future. This provides you with valuable knowledge of which skills and competencies you will need in the future and how to empower your employees accordingly.

Human Resources

Create value through HR management

Human resources management is undergoing profound change. Where the Human Resources division in a firm used to act as a purely administrative support function, today there is an ever-increasing expectation for it to also offer a proactive value contribution. Our experts will support you in shaping a strategic, efficient and customer-oriented HR function.

Global Business Services

Optimize processes and reduce overheads

Efficiency pressure and demand for professional services are increasing. This also results in expanded requirements for internal support services in processes such as Purchase-to-Pay, Hire-to-Retire and Record-to-Report. Companies are faced with the task of centralizing, harmonizing and standardizing processes. We will show you how to take full advantage of this optimization potential.

Post Merger Integration & Carve-out

Implement integration and separation plans effectively

Changes in the market environment and new trends are forcing companies to adapt their strategy and realign their business model. Taking over other companies or disposing of areas that are no longer strategically relevant offer promising possibilities for responding to the new market conditions. We will show you how to plan and implement integration and separation projects consistently.

Organizational Redesign

Effectively establish agile structures and work practices

Volatile markets, increased innovation pressure, and digitalization – the challenges faced by companies in the modern competitive landscape are diverse. Only by increasing adaptability can your company successfully adapt to changing influences. Agile working concepts and processes will help you overcome entrenched structures and ways of thinking. We will give you a clear depiction of what agile means, and support you in effectively establishing agile structures and working methods in your company.

Performance Improvement & Restructuring

Create new perspectives with sustainable restructuring concepts

Rising factor costs and high return expectations from investors put pressure on companies’ financial flexibility. Actively counteracting this requires tailor-made improvement and turnaround measures along the entire value chain. Many companies find themselves experiencing fundamental renewal and transformation processes frequently. Sustainable restructuring programs must therefore also take into account long-term strategic requirements, for instance in terms of the skills required. Our proven approach provides you with the right concept for every phase of the restructuring process, giving you back your entrepreneurial freedom.


Pool and outsource business services

Increasing cost pressure, slow progress in digital transformation and shortages of skilled workforce – these are just a few examples of issues in the challenging environment that companies in all industries are facing today. These factors are bringing increased focus on outsourcing initiatives, as these make it possible for you to optimize your business performance. Our experts will help you to successfully master your outsourcing journey.