Business Continuity Management

Increase resilience and grow from challenges

Polycrises, suddenly occurring risks or unforeseen process interruptions: Companies are not capable of preventively averting every threat. This makes it even more important that they are prepared for critical events and can thereby maintain essential processes. In collaboration with your operations team, our consultants will build a pragmatic Business Continuity Management system securing your business operations in times of crisis and thus creating lasting value for your company.

Asset-based BCM framework

Identifying and managing critical assets

The starting point for effective Business Continuity Management (BCM) is to create clarity about critical assets in your organization. In order to be able to react as quickly as possible to impending business interruptions, it is crucial to manage available resources effectively and above all, proactively. Anchoring BCM in your operational processes will enable you to successfully overcome these types of challenges.

A holistic project approach

Establish clear and integrated BCM structures

Based on our holistic BCM project approach, our team of experts will support you in the design and operationalization of your Business Continuity Management. Building on established structures and with best practices in mind, we will establish a pragmatic and effective BCM. This will make it possible for you to identify critical assets, detect threats early on and implement measures successfully. The aim is to significantly increase your company’s resilience and responsiveness.

What Business Continuity Management offers you:

  • Create transparency and clarity using holistic process analyses
  • Increase responsiveness and resilience to business interruptions
  • Minimize downtime and implement preventive measures
  • Increase the entire company’s resilience
  • Simplify processes by means of digitalization – from the CoRi app to GPRC technology