Cultural Development

Strengthening company culture and making it successful

Organizations must be in a constant state of development. They must be different and better than their competitors. The viability of your company depends on whether you are capable of adapting to internal and external challenges in a rapid and flexible manner. Our experts can help assist you in strengthening the adaptability of your company. A stable company structure gives your employees the necessary security and focus in order to successfully implement changes together.

Culture steering wheel©

Making the company culture accessible and perceptible

With our culture steering wheel©, we have at our disposal an effective control tool for further developing the culture of your company. The factors that shape culture take center stage. We focus on “tangible” and “emotional” elements. This enables us to diagnose the culture, determine a target design with you, and mutually structure the development process to create value.

Standardized approach

Linking words and action in the company culture

With our tailor-made solutions, we help you to

  • stabilize and further develop your culture,
  • shape your cultural diagnostics and goals,
  • guide organization-wide cultural development programs,
  • operationalize your guiding principles and values, and
  • implement culture maturity checks and controlling measures.

With our experience from numerous culture processes and transformation, we help you to make your culture accessible and perceptible:

  • Company culture means orientation; the company strategy and company culture must fit one another and be consistent
  • Words and action must fit one another; stated company values must be reflected in everyday work as well as processes and structures
  • Continuity is more important than intensity; cultural development is to be understood as a continuous process, and sticking to it is critical