New Work

Effectively increase employee empowerment

The desire for “New Work” is becoming more pressing for many companies, but many are still only giving it a passing thought. Our implementation of the New Work approach combines a range of measures, targeted at growing the empowerment your employees feel. Empowerment facilitates the positive influencing of how relevance, self-determination, impact and competence are experienced in the workplace through a new mindset and culture. And the effects are not only good for your staff, but also for the success of your company.

Focus areas

Unleash the full potential of New Work

With the aid of our New Work approach, you will address these seven focus areas in your company in a cooperative manner and actively shape your corporate culture:

  • Making working environments more flexible and introducing new technologies
  • Establishing new methods and digital tools to make work easier (e.g. by methods like OKR etc.)
  • Balancing the topics of team collaboration and individual purpose
  • Thinking of leadership as support, and new ways of working together 
  • Encouraging lifelong learning with personal ownership
  • Challenging and developing organizational arrangements
  • Making the Human Resources department more flexible, and sensitizing it to the needs of employees

Point of View

Agile Organizations

New Way of Working Map, extract


Use a narrative to provide guidance

Many companies are already implementing New Work initiatives on both, a centralized and decentralized basis. New Work is much more than the sum of individual initiatives. Applying simple and practical measures, we delve into the topic together: 

  • Refining the New Work narrative: We develop the overarching narrative in a goal-setting workshop. 
  • Analyzing the New Work portfolio: We evaluate your current projects and initiatives relevant to New Work.
  • Determining your position: We create clarity in respect of current initiatives, their progress, and which measures need to be prioritized for the benefit of the narrative.