Interview with Hans Joachim Reinke, CEO of the Union Investment Group

“AI will have a decisive impact on the digital transformation of our company”

We interviewed Hans Joachim Reinke, CEO of the Union Investment Group, about the issues that are currently of greatest concern to him and his Board colleagues. In addition, the top manager revealed to us what trends he thinks the financial industry needs to adapt to and what potential he sees for AI applications.

Mr. Reinke, which three strategic priorities are currently at the top of your management agenda?

REINKE One of them is to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. We need to focus our resources on those things that will generate long-term benefits for our clients, our partners and, consequently, for Union Investment too. Our second strategic priority arises out of the broader context of technological change. The associated increase in digitalization doesn’t only offer us the opportunity for new growth initiatives through blockchain and artificial intelligence, for example. It’s also of vital interest to us to standardize and automate our process landscape wherever possible. After all, we see the digital transformation of our company – and this brings me to the priority – as an important element in preparing Union Investment for societal and demographic change.