BI operating model

Use clear structures to ensure sustainability

A clearly anchored organizational structure is a key element for the successful establishment of data architecture and BI technology platforms ,forensuring sustainability. The basis for this structure is an operating model referred to as the BI operating model. This starting point makes it possible for you to pursue your efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, and scalability goals with an integrated platform, and also achieve them in the long term. Our consultants will help you to establish a BI organization that creates added value.

Centralized data instance

Effectively create added value

We take a holistic approach to establishing a BI organization. Working together with you, we align BI goals with your corporate goals and create a centralized data instance for the highest level of data quality. By assigning clear responsibilities and establishing agile processes, we guarantee seamless collaboration between departments.

Holistic approach

Successfully introduce an operating model

Our experienced consultants do not just introduce an operating model – they analyze the history, status quo and strategy in your Data Architecture & BI Technology area. This enables us to determine the optimal approach for your company. Which means:

  • The right mix of centralized and decentralized components for the operating model
  • A clear activity split between specialized and IT departments
  • Using a Center of Excellence and Shared Service Center approach, where appropriate and expedient
  • A customized development path based on proven levels of maturity
  • Powerful standards to harmonize platform processes company-wide