M&A Transaction Services & PMI

Maximize the value of transactions effectively

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are complex transactions that require careful planning, management, execution and Post Merger Integration (PMI). The overarching goal of corporates and investors is to maximize the value of their M&A transaction. Our consultants support you in the active management of your investment portfolios at every stage of the investment life cycle and throughout the entire M&A transaction process – both on the buy side and on the sell side, as well as in successful post-merger integration.

M&A Buy-Side Services

Successfully shaping inorganic growth

The goal of our M&A buy-side services is to achieve your strategic objectives through appropriate and successful corporate transactions. Together, we develop a comprehensive understanding of strategic business objectives, financial positioning and market dynamics. On this valuable basis, our experts identify potential acquisition targets and carry out a comprehensive assessment to generate a long- and shortlist of suitable candidates. We ensure a successful transaction closing by developing a reliable negotiation strategy, designing the terms of the contract and supporting the negotiation process with the target company.

M&A Sell-Side Services

Maximize the value of sales transactions

The goal of our M&A sell-side services is to successfully manage the sell side process, maximize the value of your assets and achieve your strategic objectives. Our experienced consultants support you with a holistic approach throughout the entire transaction process – from exit readiness to transaction preparation and sale. Our experts manage the communication with potential investors, conduct the negotiations, and ensure the successful transfer of ownership. In doing so, we work closely with our network of attorneys and auditors. We ensure that all necessary requirements are met and relevant documents are prepared so that the sale is closed in a timely and efficient manner.

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