Supply chain strategy

Refocusing the supply chain strategy

With the right supply chain strategy, companies can establish the prerequisites for meeting increasing market and customer requirements in a way that optimizes costs. The key challenge for you consists of designing the supply chain strategy to meet these requirements. We show you how to harmonize customer-specific service level requirements and the specific characteristics of products, industries, and markets in an optimal manner. Thus ensuring competitiveness over the long term.

Supply chain design

Designing the supply chain strategy in accordance with requirements

You are able to combine your service level and cost compliance optimally when you develop and implement your supply chain strategy in accordance with requirements. The basis for this is the optimal structuring of your supply chain network and your supply chain processes in order to be able to plan and manage the provision of services with regard to target achievement and resource utilization.

Holistic strategic approach

(Further) developing the supply chain strategy individually

Our consultants follow a proven holistic approach in order to develop an effective supply chain strategy for your company. This approach focuses on your individual requirements.

  1. We substantiate the requirements and derive supply chain goals from the company strategy.
  2. We develop an individual, requirement-based design for the supply chain strategy with regard to the network, locations, processes, organization and systems.
  3. We derive measures necessary for implementation and ensure the measurement of goal achievement.

From our practical experience, we have identified the following critical factors for success:

  • A clear, basic alignment of business models
  • Designing supply chains according to individual, practical sub-areas
  • Focusing all activities on the supply chain strategy and in accordance with it