Our Network

Diversity. Inclusion. Equity! We are proud to say that not only is open and respectful interaction with each other a matter of course for us, and that diversity is fundamentally built into our Horváth DNA and corporate strategy – we also proudly exchange ideas with one another as a network, to support each other and to actively shape our culture. We are Proud@Horváth!

Proud@Horváth network

Our Proud@Horváth network was founded by dedicated Horváth employees and offers personal dialog and support. Together we continue to shape our inclusive culture, provide impetus to our teams, and are also inspired by external LGBTQIA+ organizations.

Horváth at the STICKS & STONES

We all have colour in our heart!

That is the key message our colleagues Amelie, Asha, Christian, Jenny and Mario brought back from the STICKS & STONES 2023 in Berlin, Europe's largest LGBTQIA+ job fair. They were proud of representing both our company and our network Proud@Horváth and returned with many new contacts and even more motivation to foster diversity, equity and inclusion internally and externally. You couldn't be there and meet our team? Then find the blog post of Maren, co-founder of the Proud@Horváth network.

For greater acceptance and tolerance

The Zurich Pride Festival (ZHPF) association promotes and demands the acceptance of the LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer) way of life in public and in everyday life. For this, it fights for a Switzerland in which no one is discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender characteristics and gender expression - neither legally nor socially.

Through the lively discussions during the STICKS & STONES fair it became clear that we are on the right track in terms of diversity and inclusion. At the same time we returned to Berlin with a lot of inspiration and motivation for further engagement and will continue to foster DEI internally and externally to ensure everyone feels at ease - without exceptions!


There is no difference – and there shouldn't be a difference. We want and need to ensure that there is no differentiation, regardless of sexual identity and orientation. In my years at Horváth, I have always felt valued and comfortable. We are colorful, we are proud and this is a good thing.


Everyone is welcome at Horváth. Our approach is collegial and friendly, and we appreciate the open and constructive culture we have, in which everyone can be who they want to be.


We have the best people on board – we grow together as a team and individually as people when we treat each other with openness and appreciation. The diversity that each of us brings to the table makes us strong.


For me, Horváth is a place of tolerance, full of appreciation and free of fear and shame. Not because it is en vogue at the moment, but because we are convinced that it has a lasting positive influence on us as a team and on our entrepreneurial purpose.


Any questions?

Maren Detel

Pascal Reichmuth