Industrial services

Master future challenges together

The maintenance and servicing of modern industrial plants and machines has become increasingly labor-intensive and highly sophisticated, due to growing complexity and advancing digitalization. Modern industrial service providers maintain technical systems, components, devices or equipment as outsourced service vendors. Also, they may be involved in the construction or relocation of assembly and manufacturing facilities. Today, global industry leaders dominate the market, although a handful of specialized service providers have also become established.

Trends within industrial services

Steer and optimize business performance

Besides ongoing cost pressure on industrial companies throughout several sectors, the following three developments are essential to you as an industrial service provider:

  1. Digitalization: The digital transformation is changing your customers’ needs as well as your own market opportunities. You need to expand your own service portfolio or even revise your business model.

  2. Increasing engineering demand: The industrial transformation towards a sustainable future and carbon-neutral production is associated with major changes in production processes and the machines and equipment used. Your business needs to find answers to these new requirements.

  3. Structural shortage of skilled workers: Heavily regulated labor service contracts and contract for work affects your flexibility. The structural shortage of skilled workers and increasing demand for highly qualified engineers pose major challenges.

The challenge is to gradually expand your service portfolio to build long-term partnerships with customers and service providers and to develop holistic and process-oriented solutions. This requires complex subject-related and methodological knowledge and profound industry expertise. Our experienced consultants will help you to steer and optimize the performance of your organization. Further, we strategically develop your current business model to adapt to future challenges.

Industry expertise

Sustainable implementation of holistic solutions

Our experts bring experience from the world’s leading industrial service providers as well as insights from small and medium-sized specialized providers. Together with you, we develop value-adding concepts. We offer holistic solutions to harmonize strategy, operations, controlling, sales, and purchasing:

  • Together, we will develop all elements of your business model to support your journey on becoming an industry leader.
  • We will design and improve your end-to-end processes and develop comprehensive project portfolios.
  • We will create a mutual vision for performance management and anchor strategic targets in an operative performance management and reporting system.
  • We will help you towards forward-looking and sustainable cost management and margin development.
  • We will support you with the design of long-term contracts with your clients and consult you on the renewal of those.

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