Treasury Management

Initiate treasury decisions and supply added value

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to make financial decisions. Exogenous and endogenous catalysts mean that treasury has to adapt rapidly. Due to historical circumstances, treasury is poorly integrated in financial processes and systems, hindering efficient and effective decision-making. We collaborate with you to ensure that interfaces are secure and formulate your ambition level of processes and strategy. Our experienced experts will accompany you in successfully mastering the diverse challenges and changing tasks.

Integrated Treasury

Actively support corporate projects through treasury

A prerequisite for an integrated treasury function is to fulfill core tasks. This includes

  • an active financial risk management, 
  • efficient use of liquid funds
  • and the optimal design and management of the capital structure.

Our team supports you in the reorientation and effective development of your processes. This will make your treasury part of an integrated finance function.

Treasury Expertise

Successfully develop treasury organization

We show you optimization potential and control levers for your treasury area. We define and prioritize targeted measures based on benchmarks to further develop your treasury organization and create convincing technical concepts or select and implement suitable treasury tools: You benefit from the strong expertise of our consultants. We know the systems and processes in Accounting and Controlling as well as the interdependencies that are relevant to Treasury.

You should keep an eye on the following critical success factors in your treasury projects:

  • Deduce and define tasks and goals from the corporate strategy
  • Actively involve treasury business partners
  • Rethink established processes and routines