Successfully establishing low-emission products and services

Demand for low-emission products and services continues to rise among industrial and end customers. Many well-known OEMs have positioned themselves on the market and are already offering carbon-neutral products and services in the near future. This promise must go hand in hand with a transformation of the individual value-add, as well as suppliers’. Identifying the right customer demand for decarbonized solutions, provides businesses with the opportunity to enter new markets. Our consultants will help you to effectively transform your business model with a view to customer needs and establish decarbonized business models.

Process industry

Using ecosystems to build sustainable value chains

Decision-makers in the energy-intensive process industry are faced with the task of transforming today’s knowledge and technical facilities into low-emission customer solutions. One challenge is to manage the transition phase, where decision makers need to deliver on profitability in the current business and invest in future the business. Our project experience shows that ecosystems are a solution to this. Strategic partnerships enable the loop of product life cycles to be closed and lower the risk by shared investments and capabilities. Successful ecosystems make it possible to build sustainable value chains – from raw materials and green energy supply, to the further use of products in the circular economy. Our experts will help you develop these ecosystems and find partners across the entire value chain.

Green business models

Effectively advancing decarbonization

Transforming your business model requires many decision-making processes. At some point, almost every company is faced with the question: Make or buy? This decision relates to in-house or external generation of products and services that the company needs in order to advance transformation. For example, solutions can be decarbonized by buying green energy from suppliers or secure long-term demand with capital investment in renewable energy assets. Our experienced consultants have supported numerous companies in decarbonizing and scaling their business model. We support you in the areas of:

  • Renewable energies
  • Sustainable mobility concepts 
  • Transforming industrial sites
  • Making CO2 usable as a raw material and product

We have supported many companies in understanding decarbonization as a new opportunity and business model. The intensity of decarbonization in all areas means that scaling these business models offers an excellent opportunity.

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