Transformation of the world of media

Increasing innovative strength effectively

Technological change, changing customer behavior, and increasing competitive pressure are turning the media industry into a dynamic market environment. Companies must act more innovatively and efficiently than ever before. Our experts keep these changes in mind for you. With our proven methods, we help you to leverage efficiencies and increase your innovative strength. You can sustainably combat upcoming challenges by utilizing our practical solutions for controlling & finance, strategy, innovation & sales, as well as organization & operations.

Social media and OTT

Developing new strategies and revenue models

The media industry has changed rapidly due to social media and OTT providers like Facebook, Netflix, and Spotify. This affects consumer behavior and the medium used to distribute content. For your media company, this means digitalizing your business models and finding dynamic, innovative revenue models. Our experts will help you to develop effective strategies and successfully shape the transformation of your company. In this way you secure your competitiveness and your turnover.

Diversified business models

Controlling traditional and new business models in an integrated manner

Through M&A activities and investments in startups, your media company has become a “general store” with a diversified business model. You must be capable of steering this model appropriately. Our experienced consultants help you to find the right balance between financial, strategic, and operative controls for your company. In this way, you effectively leverage valuable synergies between the business models.

Digital media supply chain

Using content along all channels

From consumer to prosumer: Your customers are changing. They like, share, comment, and post their own content. At the same time, the number of distribution channels and the related demand for corresponding content is increasing – a balancing act that your media company must master.

Our solution: a digitalized media supply chain based on a harmonized and standardized organization and process landscape. This enables you to use content along all channels once it has been produced. The goal:

  • Create transparency
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize risk
  • Increase sales