Holistic Sustainability Framework

Can't see the forest for the trees?
A systematic and holistic approach
to sustainability

Most top managers know that sustainability must be implemented holistically to achieve change within a company. If this transformation is unsuccessful, nothing less than the company's "license to operate" is at stake. Sustainability has become a significant risk factor, and yet it offers enormous market opportunities if the right strategy is adopted now. But what needs to be done in concrete terms? What are the relevant sub-dimensions and fields of action that could facilitate more systematic sustainability processes? Is there a cross-industry approach based on the current situation? The good news is, yes there is: for example, the Holistic Sustainability Framework.

Horváth’s Holistic Sustainability Framework

One framework – three dimensions – nine fields of action

Every industry undoubtedly faces specific challenges in terms of CO2 reduction and sustainability. Nevertheless, the diverse fields of action and sub-topics can be consolidated in a systematic framework with individual areas that will be relevant to varying degrees for each company. In any case, this system helps bring order to current and planned initiatives – and, above all, provides a structured approach for defining future strategy. We would be happy to explain the building blocks outlined below in more detail in a face-to-face meeting.