BI & analytics strategy

Establish an integrated digital management platform

A resilient BI & analytics strategy is the foundation for creating a digital platform made up of integrated management instruments. This makes it possible for you to effectively break down data silos, consolidate heterogeneous system landscapes, and improve your performance management. Our consultants will show you how to systematically use state-of-the-art technologies for your company-specific requirements and in this way realize effective, efficient and forward-looking corporate management.


Deploy management tools in a targeted manner

Our expert team works with your functional and IT departments to investigate the current situation and determine a resilient target structure. The resulting requirements profile becomes the framework for the targeted creation of a digital management platform with functional architecture and relevant platform processes. As the number one in performance management, we always keep track of the solutions’ management relevance.

BI & analytics expertise

Improve BI & analytics

We support you at every stage of the BI & analytics strategy and incorporate our extensive experience, proven methods and innovative trends into the design:

  • Comprehensive professional and technical expertise in performance management and BI & analytics
  • Focus on end-to-end processes for continuous corporate management
  • Outside-in perspectives and best practices for management methods and instruments

A holistic approach to design

Keep track of the entire management chain

With our systematic approach, we holistically define a BI & analytics strategy and take into account all aspects of your corporate management that are relevant for an integrated data platform:

  • Viewing content such as financials, non-financials, and historical data in an integrated manner
  • Designing platform processes and integrating them into business processes
  • Holistically embedding the platform into the organization