Building & construction

Driving sustainable solutions forward

The construction industry is a driving and successful economic force. In recent years, the industry has been primarily shaped by above-average growth and high demand. Thanks to new regulations in the area of sustainability – in line with the green transformation – and the digital transformation, it is also undergoing a profound evolution. From carbon-neutral building materials and sustainable building construction and equipment, to climate-neutral operation and dismantling, there are many decarbonisation options available. For companies, there are opportunities to become more efficient and open up new business areas, though rising material prices and ongoing supply bottlenecks are challenging the industry. However, innovative areas are also becoming established in the form of 3D printing and prefabrication. Our experts will work with you to develop approaches that will help you rise to the challenges of the construction industry and seize valuable opportunities.

Our consulting approach

Helping to shape the future of the construction industry

With our proven consulting approach, we can support the transformation of your company in the following areas:

Corporate transformation: We will work together with you to optimize your business model and establish management concepts that add value, in order to drive forward the transformation of your company and ensure your long-term success.

Green transformation: We can help you to prepare your company for new regulations such as the European Green Deal and the ambitious climate targets. Through circular economy and ESG reporting, you can achieve measurable carbon-neutrality in your business model.

Digital transformation: We will work with you to design and implement a digital strategy that integrates the physical construction world with digital process management across your stakeholders’ value chains. This will allow you to position yourself in the market as a digital pioneer.

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