Building technology and construction industry/suppliers

Seizing opportunities in the construction industry

The construction industry is going through the most radical change since the introduction of motorized construction machines. Construction companies, manufacturers, installers of building technology, and suppliers of construction materials and machines are opening up to opportunities to become more efficient and acquire new business areas. Building information modeling, 3D printing, smart materials, and nanomaterials: 4.0 planning and building with the requirements of digital modeling as well as new production processes and materials are simultaneous occuring challenges which your company is facing.

The ecosystem of the construction industry in transition

Building 4.0 – establishing sustainable approaches

We are happy to help you optimize all levels of your value-creation chain. We advise you with innovative approaches to master the challenges of increasing urbanization, green building, and smart-powered buildings. Our industry experts develop tailor-made solutions for redesigning your processes, handling big data, or adapting your management model.

Our range of services

Creating innovations in processes and technology

Our experienced consultants can assist you with the following tasks:

  • Together, we establish a new strategy for your company.
  • We design and support you in your organizational and process structures.
  • We design and implement modern planning and control tools.

We focus on topics like reducing energy, service, and administrative costs, introducing integrated modular systems, and innovations in processes and technology.

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