Changing frameworks

Redoing planning, reporting, and consolidation

With the shift to S/4HANA, the framework for planning and forecasting, as well as reporting and consolidation, is changing. Planning transactions that were previously contained in SAP R/3, such as cost center planning, are no longer existing. A separate planning application is taking their place. The S/4HANA platform and the high-performance BW/4HANA make it possible for you to carry out reporting tasks with great quantities of data. And all of that in real time. The integration of analytics functionality in S/4HANA (predictive accounting) and being part of the general HANA platform (analytics cloud) is increasing the opportunities available to you. With a new consolidation application (group reporting), you have access to improved data and process integration as well as flexibility and simulation options. Our experts stand by to assist you in making efficient use of the new options given by S/4HANA.

Transition to S/4HANA

Making effective use of new opportunities

The changes given by the shift to S/4HANA demand a response. Some functions, like calculating standard manufacturing costs, are no longer available in a traditional manner. Take advantage of the new potential in the areas of:

  • Planning and forecasting: Combination of an aggregated overview and efficient handling of bulk data with extensive simulation options, as well as stronger automation options and the use of analytics
  • Reporting: Use of extensive and consistent data models as well as single receipts in combination with guided navigation and accelerated analysis options
  • Consolidation: Interlinking of group and local financial statements when transferring transactional activities in advance; multifaceted integration opportunities as well as flexible, multidimensional consolidation

Specific vision

Designing an individual vision and approach

Our experts are happy to explain how you can react to the changes in planning, reporting, and consolidation with S/4HANA. It is essential that you work out a target picture. This picture should reflect changes from a functional and technical viewpoint. We know the challenges and opportunities in shifting from ERP to S/4HANA as well as in the area of planning, reporting, and consolidation. Our consultants combine deep functional expertise with extensive IT know-how with regard to SAP HANA. We help you to define and implement your future system architecture successfully.

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