Net-zero operations

Successfully decarbonize value creation activities

Besides the decarbonization of global supply chains and consideration of upstream and downstream activities, it’s clear that most companies are a long way from successfully decarbonizing their own operations. In fact, a company’s own value creation activities pose major challenges in terms of net-zero alignment: Production and distribution networks have often developed over time, and may not offer efficiency in terms of emissions, costs, or delivery times. To move the decarbonization of value creation activities forward it is important to have a clear strategic direction expressed through achievable goals, as well as decisive COO-level commitment on this topic. Our experienced consultants will be happy to accompany you on this journey.

Decarbonizing the entire network

Strategically reduce emissions

Emissions, costs, quality, and time: As a first step we will analyze your company’s value creation network from a decarbonization perspective, and holistically optimize it. Only then will we look at individual value-creation locations and processes. Long-term realignment will involve various measures including the opening and closing or moving of value-creation activities and sites. Short and medium-term measures include product-plant allocation as well as loading and transport optimization – always with the aim of reducing emissions.

Low-carbon site operations

Sustainably decarbonize individual sites

Sites face different challenges depending on the current decarbonization maturity level. Our experts will start by analyzing the specific carbon footprint of a site and products, using global calculation standards (GHG or ISO 14064 for company carbon footprint and/or product carbon footprint). This enables us to derive concrete recommendations for you to reduce emissions in operations. We will also identify measures across different areas to develop a decarbonization roadmap oriented towards achieving the COO level’s overarching goals. We will work together with you to put in place measures in these areas: 

  • Energy strategy and management: New energy sources, heating/cooling networks, energy efficiency measures, energy storage, etc.
  • Process and technology changes: Temperature requirements, process integration, innovation, etc.
  • Efficiency measures: Production planning, operational optimization, process amendments, shop floor management, lean management, etc.


Creating expert teams

Implement decarbonization programs globally

It is essential that you establish a global team of experts. This team will implement the decarbonization of operations as a global program across locations and in collaboration with the sites and will drive it forward in the long term. Further important factors include clarity of responsibility and a coordinated approach in the organization. This includes: 

  • Empowering employees and the organization
  • Anchoring decarbonization in the organization and including it in policies
  • Ensuring incentives 
  • Establishing meaningful reporting and KPIs

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