Supply chain risk management

Identifying, evaluating, controlling, and monitoring risks

Supplier shortfalls, production interruptions, transport delays, and trade barriers: Global supply chains are subject to increasing uncertainty. This can significantly affect, or even terminate, your company’s ability to create value or operate. With our effective supply chain risk management approach, you are able to proceed proactively instead of reactively to risks in the supply chain. This approach reduces, or completely eliminates, these negative effects.

Risk management

Establishing a supply chain risk management system

Our supply chain risk management approach combines quantitative and qualitative methods in line with a 360° risk evaluation system for your supply chain. To do so, we use mathematical models to identify critical elements within your supply chain. Through the use of our toolbox, we optimize your risk management system, and sustainably anchor it within your organization.

Project approach

Handling risk areas effectively and sustainably

When our experienced team works on a project with your company, it utilizes a proven, multilevel approach. This approach focuses on relevant areas of risk and enables you to act agilely:

  1. We identify, evaluate, and prioritize the risks along your entire supply chain.
  2. We design and implement a control model in order to monitor supply chain risks and initiate preventative avoidance strategies as well as emergency plans.
  3. We anchor this supply chain risk management system within your organization and establish clear responsibilities.

Our experience from numerous successful projects shows the following critical factors for success:

  • Establishing complete transparency over supply chain structures. Maintaining local knowledge of highly critical areas in particular 
  • Identifying and evaluating risks in a pragmatic manner 
  • Developing preventative measures for severe risks