Risk analytics & automation

Use data effectively

As in many other areas, data represents a valuable asset in risk management too. But data alone are not enough – insight is also needed. It is only possible to unlock the benefits of data by means of clear objectives and methodically “thinking outside the box”. We can help you leverage your valuable data with our risk analytics solutions. Risk data are automatically prepared, evaluated and enriched with useful information. By applying highly innovative technologies, you can analyze correlations between risks and automatically determine suggested values, thereby transforming risk management into a data-driven asset.

Data-driven risk management

Successfully implement Big Data analyses

A key factor for successful Big Data analysis is the identification of relevant use cases. These use cases will really prove their value when they become your business cases. We will join you in a kick-off workshop to work together and pinpoint the right areas of application for your company, so you can translate data into the right action concepts. Next, we will develop solutions that are right for your company. Our agile approach to this task follows a clear structure:

  • Identification
  • Evaluation
  • Design
  • Implementation

Here, fully exploiting the potential of innovative Big Data analyses necessitates integration into the specific business context: Only by combining process expertise and technical proficiency can you obtain strategically relevant information that powers better decisions.

Risk Perspectives

Exciting insights into the results of the Horváth Risk Perspectives

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Integrated approach

Identify appropriate use cases

The approach to risk identification that we have developed extends beyond pure risk use cases and can be applied to a huge range of areas in your business. Our Horváth experts, who are skilled in both management consulting and data science, develop practical and proven real-life solutions for a wide range of applications. Innovative analysis tools support you in generating relevant competitive advantages from data.

CoRi - Compliance Risk Platform ®

Individually customizable and modular low-code solution

Easily record and evaluate risk data without a lot of time or manual effort: With our uncomplicated low-code solution, not only risks can be recorded and evaluated intuitively, collaboratively and in an audit-proof manner. CoRi also enables easy recording and monitoring of measures, supported by approval flows and notifications for better collaboration. The most important findings can then be visualized in easy-to-use, customized dashboards - with real-time data. With our modular CoRi, the acceptance of risk management can be improved, automation potential can be increased and data quality and reporting can be optimized in the shortest possible time, so that companies can achieve their target image more quickly.

Global Business Radar®

Optimize and accelerate decision-making processes

With Global Business Radar® we can simplify innovation for you. Our software performs automated – and extremely efficient – analysis of mass data. We can ensure you always have a clear overview of decision-related information regarding key market developments and trends, the relevant operators, and the associated opportunities and risks.

Global Business Radar® creates the ideal conditions for optimizing and accelerating your decision-making processes, so that your company’s next move will be a step in the right direction.

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