IT management consulting

Establishing IT as an effective business enabler

IT is undergoing rapid change: Digitization, automation, transformation and flexibility are becoming increasingly significant and permanently change the IT operating model. In order to position IT as an effective and integral business enabler, IT has to be integrated within the strategic steering of your company. We will help you to develop, implement and control innovation, investments, IT skills, and your sourcing mix in a way that it is both, sustainable and commercially valuable.

Digital and IT strategy

Develop a management approach and implementation measures

Digital IT solutions are getting more complex and more comprehensive. To secure and further strengthen your market position, you need to adapt your business quickly and efficiently. Our experts will help you to holistically analyze your IT and develop the right digital and IT strategy. From there we will define implementation measures and a needs-based management approach with which you can improve the financial and non-financial performance of your IT division – so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Target vision

Build future-oriented structures

For future-proof organizations, a clearly structured IT is a necessity. We work together with you to design and build these structures, including an IT operating model which ensures you can provide IT services effectively and efficiently. We create transparency with regard to your IT costs and in doing so support you in managing your services and costs in a structured way. Our consultants will analyze and revise your IT landscape and IT architectures. We will also refine your IT sourcing strategy and sourcing models. So you can be certain that you have the right IT systems and skills at the right time and at the necessary quality.


Ensure successful implementation

Our consultants have many years of in-depth business and IT expertise. Using our holistic and proven IT management consulting approach, we will help you to define tailor-made IT strategies, management models and optimized organizational structures, as well as to derive the necessary implementation projects. Together, we will plan and manage your end-to-end transformation at a conceptual and methodological level and support it with comprehensive change management.

1. Strategic aspiration & goals

  • Analysis of current IT performance (assessments)
  • Objectivization and positioning of IT
  • Definition of digital customer products and services
  • Derivation of digital IT strategy
  • Benchmarking of IT cost structures

2. Future-oriented structures

  • Development of an optimum procedural and organizational structure for IT
  • Definition of the (target) application landscape and technologies
  • Creation of cost transparency and management of the IT organization
  • Planning the transformation and converting it into a roadmap

3. Successful implementation

  • Implementation of the necessary transformation/transformation phases
  • Strategic and operational transformation management 
  • Creation of and follow-up on business cases
  • Support for employee change and definition of change measures